Why Do You Need a Brand Design Guide? A guest blog post by Graphic Designer, Dorey Kronick

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Branding can be challenging for any size company, and it comes up a lot in the work we do at Knit Marketing, because we’re constantly asking our clients for logo files, what fonts they use, their specific colors, etc. We recently went through our own process of having our friend and graphic designer, Dorey Kronick help us put everything in one place for Knit in the form of a brand guide (or design guide), and we asked her to share a little more about why this is so critical for companies of all sizes and lifecycle stages.

Brand Guides

A guest blog post by Graphic Designer, Dorey Kronick

BRAND GUIDES: They’re more valuable than you realize.


Let’s say you’re a new business owner & you hire a graphic designer (like myself, Dorey Kronick 😉 ) to create a custom logo.

Cool! Now you have a logo.

…What next?

Well, you still probably need a website, an email newsletter template, images to post on social media, business cards, & other marketing collateral to start promoting your business & driving in sales.

…But maybe you have no clear idea of how to create this stuff yourself, what fonts or colors will look good with your new logo, what mood / feel / style / vibe you’re going for with these materials, or even where to start.

HHEEEYYYYOOOOO, that’s where a Brand Guide comes in!

Truth be told, it’s probably the safest idea to have the same graphic designer who created your logo also put together your Brand Guide. They’re likely going to know your company’s vision, mission, voice, & goals better than anyone. And assuming they’re a pro, they should be able to help you match the best fonts, colors, & even photography styles to your new logo to create a smooth, professional, & consistent look & feel across the board for all of your company’s materials.

Having a Brand Guide with this kind of information laid out in an organized & understandable fashion from the start will help your company move forward with everything you need to put together for social media, e-mail marketing, websites, in-house materials, flyers, & beyond! Potential customers & fans will start to recognize the content you put out by becoming familiar with your overall brand & identity – no matter where it is!

BUT maybe you’re an established company who has been in business for years & you already have a logo, (along with some other marketing materials that have carried you this far), & you don’t have a Brand Guide…

And maybe the time comes that you’re ready to hire a company (like Knit 😉 ) to start managing all of your marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, MailChimp, & other places of the like… Hooray!

Well, let’s say the marketing team you hired is starting next week, you’ve got big ideas in your head about all of the new customers that’ll start lining up to support your business, & everything is feeling good! Your new marketing team is just about ready to get to work, so they ask you for your company’s Brand Guide to get a better understanding of who your company is & what it’s all about…

…But you don’t have a Brand Guide.

So, the marketing team asks you a bunch of important questions like:

– What fonts do you use on your website?

– What is your company’s vision, mission, & goals?

– Can you provide your company’s Pantone colors & the HEX codes?

– What kinds of photography represents your brand’s style?

– What companies are you inspired by?

…And so on.

…What now?

Well, you could scramble to look up all of this information in your various notebooks / e-mail inboxes / etc, send it to your new marketing team, & hope you answered every question they asked as best as you could… Or you could sit the new marketing team down & go over all of this info in a PowerPoint presentation that you put together as quickly as possible… Or you could make up some impromptu answers to most of their questions because you never really thought about that stuff anyway…

…OR you could just make everyone’s life a lot easier & put all of this information into one place that’s easy to read & share, & never have to deal with this kind of situation again by investing in a Brand Guide 🙂

So, if you can, you should reach out to the original graphic designer who designed your company’s logo & ask them for help putting together a Brand Guide to match. Or if for any reason that’s not an option, you should ask your new marketing team if they have a preferred graphic designer who can help you create a custom Brand Guide!

Your new marketing team should hopefully be able to recommend a great graphic designer. But if they can’t, you can always resort to the internet for help too… 😉 Either way, it’s never too late (or too soon!) to get your hands on a Brand Guide. I’ve worked with companies who’ve literally had nothing – no logo, no colors, no fonts, no photos… To companies who have been around for quite a while & had no set of Brand Guides. I’ve even worked with companies who have decided to switch everything up, start over, rebrand, & put together a completely new, revised Brand Guide containing everything from a new logo to an entirely new look altogether!

So until next time, check out the awesome Brand Guide I put together for Knit Marketing after designing their custom company logo in 2016! (See below.) And for other fabulous Brand Guide samples, head over to my website at http://doreykronick.com

Knit Marketing Brand Guide

Thanks so much to Dorey for this awesome post and thanks to our readers for stopping by!

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