Which is Your IG Look?

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An aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that gives off a certain vibe is important because it’s the first thing viewers see when they click on your profile! Yet, it can sometimes be hard to produce. Here are some ideas to inspire your feed!

Black and White

1. An easy feed aesthetic to achieve is black and white. Keeping a neutral color palette on your feed can often give a sophisticated vibe to viewers when they first click your account.

Splash of Color

2. Another possible aesthetic you can aim for, is what I would call a splash of color. All your pictures may have neutral colors but add a little pop of color! Not only does it look cool, but it also can help highlight a part of the picture. In this example, they are adding a pop of green.

Happy Colors

3. For a more happy and fun aesthetic, you want to change up your color palette to be full of bright and saturated colors!


4. For a different type of aesthetic we focus on patterns rather than color. An example of this is using quotes on a blank background and create a checkered pattern!

Consistent Filter

5. If this is too much planning ahead for you, creating an aesthetic is now really simple on instagram with filters. Simply, stay consistent by picking the same filter for all your feed! Depending on the filter you pick, it will give off a consistent sensation for the viewer, because they’ll become comfortable with your brand.

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