Welcome to the Team Yesenia and Jorge! (and other Knit news…)

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The whole reason Knit Marketing exists is to be able hang out with cool teens like Yesenia and Jorge!

Each summer, we offer a 12-week internship that may lead to a part time position with Knit Marketing. This summer as we entered our 2nd year, we recruited through social media, various schools and organizations, and did an info session at Synergy Quantum Academy. We received over 20 applications from Synergy, Downtown Magnets High School, and even 1 from Berkeley, conducted 11 in-person interviews, and selected 2 interns. It was a difficult choice because all 11 interviewees were incredible and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to be able to offer them all jobs (and one day we will), but this summer we narrowed it down to Yesenia and Jorge.

They have already begun training and are excited, but seem a little overwhelmed with how much they’ll have to achieve over the next 12 weeks. We don’t mess around at Knit Marketing!

We are so happy to welcome Yesenia and Jorge to the team.


Yesenia Gomez

Graduated from Downtown Magnets High School and will be attending UCLA in the fall.

I believe life should be about trying new things whenever you can, keeping an open mind is always a useful asset in life. My future goals include becoming a marketing manager which makes Knit Marketing the perfect place for me to be working as an intern. Furthermore, something I really value is giving back to the community, like someone once said, “Being rich isn’t about how much you have, but rather how much you give.” I believe this goal of mine correlates with that of Knit Marketing because the company is all about helping the youth get connected meanwhile helping businesses succeed, which indirectly is helping the consumer population.


Jorge Guevara

Entering senior year at Synergy Quantum Academy.

As technology and social media become more of an integral part of our world, I believe being able to use both effectively is extremely important. That is why I would like to become a software engineer and become more experienced in the field. As a high school student I still have much to learn. The opportunity to join Knit Marketing perfectly aligned with my goals and hopefully will teach me a lot.


And for those of you who are wondering what’s happening with Paris and Nyana (because I know they’ve developed a bit of a fan club), Paris will be starting at UC Irvine in September and Nyana will be going to Cal State Dominguez Hills in August. Both of them will be with us through the summer (and hopefully stay through college) and have taken on more challenging roles on the business development side of Knit Marketing.

We have a great team now with Yesenia and Jorge in training, Adewole managing the overhaul of the Knit Marketing website, and Paris and Nyana helping Rebecca to turn Knit Marketing into the 21st-century-west-coast-version-of-“Mad-Men.” (You’ll have to ask Rebecca to tell you more about that…)

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