Want To Boost Your Resume And Learn New Skills?? Then Do These Three Programs!

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By Logan Wickman-Hudnut

As an intern at Knit Marketing, I participated in sales and advertising training for four weeks. I learned several things from my incredible mentor, Leah Nanni, which I can use forever. For example, email edicate. I had to reach out to different schools and request to schedule a call. I made sure I got a solid email by including personal experiences and my purpose. Despite all of that, we were also assigned the task of taking several digital advertising classes, which I completed on my own time to gain more information. It is fantastic! Why, you may ask? Because I had the chance to learn about something new. That is why I cannot recommend these enough. I learned about sales and advertising which inspired me to see if this could be a career path for me. Teens are trying to figure out who they are. Teens are trying to figure out what their passions are. And you never know, these courses just may be the answer.

Another factor is that we all know that teenagers are constantly trying to boost their resumes by getting jobs, volunteering, and creating new things. 

2020 has taken a toll on those opportunities, preventing teens from doing activities that are enjoyable. 

Don’t worry. We have a solution for you.

Keep reading to see how you can gain new skills, from your own house.

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1. Google Course Certifications

Check out the Google Skillshop to find dozens of courses about business. They have everything from digital marketing to analytics. The best part? They are all FREE. The course is free AND you can retake the test as many times as you want! No cost! 

These courses typically take about 3-5 hours to complete. It really depends, as it is self-paced. 

Each course has different modules, or sections, that focus on a certain skill. There is an estimate of how long each section will take located at the top of each page. These courses are an interactive experience as they have articles and videos depending on the course. Like what you see? After each module there is a chance to fill out a feedback survey where you can jot down your thoughts. Another perk? Before you take the final test, there are practice questions after each activity and a review test for practice. Keep in mind that the final test is timed and has 50 questions. Don’t worry though, because you have 75 minutes to complete it. In order to pass, you can get 10 questions wrong, or an 80%. Failed the test? Totally fine! All you need to do is wait 24 hours and then you can take it again! Make sure you are in a quiet area so you can do your best!

I love these courses as it’s helped me gain more information and introduced me to new concepts I never thought were important. Take it into consideration and make sure to visit the site: https://skillshop.withgoogle.com/

2. Facebook Course Certifications

Facebook is also a great resource for finding different courses. The Facebook courses are detailed and interactive. The courses show you the details of what it takes to run your own business. These courses do step-by-step tutorials about how to set up a page, boost your ads, and more. 

There are several sections per module with videos talking about the overall point of the lesson. Once you finish the lessons, register to take the test. The tests are proctored live and timed. In addition, there is a $99 fee for the test. Don’t worry though! They provide an extensive study guide reviewing all of the sections. Again this is self-paced so do not feel the need to rush through anything. 

I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship!

Make sure to visit the site where you can look at several different courses: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn

3. Canva Design School

Canva.com is such a fantastic tool to do posters and graphic design. There are two versions: Canva and Canva Pro. The only difference is that you pay money for Canva Pro, but you also get many more features and free images. Canva Pro contains even more templates, images, and tools that can help your business look its best.

Want to learn more? Canva design school is a fantastic place to learn everything about Canva. Canva Design School allows you to gain skills about branding your business and designing graphics. All of their courses have star ratings, all of them being over 4.5 stars. 

Canva has videos and articles in order to get you information and make it an interactive experience. You will be learning from experts and their tips and tricks for important business traits. 

These courses are also self-paced so take all the time you need! Finished some courses? Show your skills to the word and show them what you know!

Check out their website and get learning at https://designschool.canva.com/

All of these programs are fantastic and can help you in the future. You can even get jobs that specialize in ads! For example, you can find several job opportunities. There is a Digital Marketing Specialist (for Facebook and Google Ads) where you can get paid to “make data-informed decisions and write great copy”! There are several other jobs that focus on this such as being a Facebook Ads Specialist, Facebook Ads Manager, or even a volunteer for Google Ads! Check out LinkedIn for more job opportunities!