Using Webinars for Lead Generation with Robin Borough

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Our mom and our number one fan is the only one who can make learning about webinars fun! To be more specific, we learned about creating a loyal fan base by using webinars. Robin Borough, president of Omnikron, walked us through the whole process of using webinars from setting it up before, to tips for during the webinar and how to follow up after.

Starting at before the webinar, we learned about investigating our audience and inviting them to the webinar by using email tools and direct messaging. Robin also took the time to walk us through the actual webinars, because although it can seem outdated, we learned how to keep it modern and interesting to keep our audience engaged. We kept note of tips on timing, pitching and overall keeping the conversation rich and full of knowledge for the audience! Another big thing we learned is what to do after the event ends using our assets! For example Zoom has options to download the mp3 file from the webinar (isn’t that awesome?!), and with that you can do a bunch of things, like start a podcast maybe? Lastly, we explored the follow-up options to keep in touch with your audience in the most effective manner, invite them to your next events, and also keep them as fans!

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