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We’re taking a break from our normal marketing and Knit news blogs to talk about teen trends. Paris introduces this topic below with the latest styles. And make sure to read all the way to the end, because we have a contest for you!

What Makes You A Trendy Teen?

The hottest in Fashion, Trends, and Everything teens love!
By Paris Thomas

“Fashion repeats itself” said my mother, and she didn’t lie! I’ve noticed vintage from the 80s and 90s are super trendy at the moment – or maybe it never even went out of style? The brand name Vans is supporting this trend. All over social media platforms, teens can’t scroll without seeing a picture of cute trendy vintage Vans. The checkered ones are my personal fav! And not to forget, the ripped high waisted jeans and shorts are a go-to this summer for girls.

Girls girls girls! Who would’ve ever thought that after all my long nights doing sit-ups, one-piece swimsuits are trending???

Clothes aren’t the only thing that came back! Spiderman did! We grew up watching Spiderman. I’ll never forget going to the movies and still watching it when I get home over and over again. I feel like Spiderman watched me grow up. I’m actually surprised the movie was in a movie theater rather than just on Hulu or Netflix, because in this era that’s what’s always trending. Teenagers nowadays rarely enjoy average TV Shows; it’s all about “Orange Is The New Black” and “Pretty Little Liars,” which we can both find on Netflix.

Also, of course with so many changes, as a teenager, there is always a different lingo for each era. I’m pretty sure my mom probably said something like “rad,” but instead we say “clutch,” meaning, “that’s good.”

Just REMEMBER: With so many things always changing for teens whether it be fashion, trends, shows or slang, it is important to be yourself and be great!

-Paris Thomas

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