The Entrepreneur’s Holiday Gift Guide

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This year, we gathered a few ideas for you to gift the entrepreneurs in your life. Take a look at our holiday themed #KnitTips below. It’s not too late to get those crazy business people in your life something perfect for them!

Never Enough Coffee

You know entrepreneurs can never drink enough coffee, so a special mug is the perfect gift! Check out our friend, Dorey’s store for some sweet ones! 

Whiteboards for Doodles

Knit wouldn’t survive without whiteboards, as they are where we ideate and solve problems. This guy did all the work for us, so you can go find the best whiteboard here

Notebooks and Agendas for Organization

As our good friend Leah taught us, it’s important to stay organized and manage time wisely, so go get your startup friend a planner!

A Good Book is Your Friend

As Jorge says, you can never go wrong with a good book! Here are a few we recommend for the entrepreneurs in your life:

#SpeedKnit for the Win

Give your entrepreneur buddies the gift of making their businesses better with Knit Marketing’s SpeedKnit! Find out more here