Telling Your Brand Story with Jasmine Foroutan

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Jasmine from Pitch Genius was the expert to teach us all about developing our brand stories during the Get Stuff Done Conference. She took us through writing and perfecting our own pitches that are very important for every aspect of a business. We clarified and worded our goals and visions into a quick catchy phrase that properly incorporates what our business stands for and how we want people to view our message. Using our content, research and design we were able to design the perfect storyline. It was helpful to learn how to conduct research involving competition branding and getting to know our own customers.

One of the best parts of Jasmine’s presentation was learning the variety of storylines possible; there is not just one cookie cutter way to create a storyline. There is a spectrum for storytelling and what fits best for you depending on your company. For example there is the hero, team and mission revolved lines. Using all her tips everyone was able to enhance and write their pitches! You can see the whole thing in the video above. Big thank you to Jasmine! 

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