Tech Day

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In an effort to jump start Knit’s own marketing, we took the team to TechDay LA. We had a great time talking to startup founders, job seekers, and lots of interesting techies! Paris writes more about our day below.

Tech Day

by Paris Thomas

If you didn’t see Knit Marketing at TechDay, well it was your loss! This was Knit Marketing’s first TechDay and I must say we had a blast! If you stopped by our table, you know we had yummy cookies, coffee gift cards, T-shirts and the coolest stickers. TechDay gave our youth team a chance to really express what Knit Marketing is about and show others what we have learned. Plus we also got to see many cool exhibits ourselves. It was really mind blowing to see what is going on in the world of technology. It truly brings sparks to my eyes, to see so many inventors and new products that were created here in Los Angeles or even coming to Los Angeles.

Also, if your fear is that TechDay is “too techy,” don’t be scared; it’s the complete opposite! It’s full of fun. There’s plenty of cool new things to try and also very friendly people. I mean you can never go wrong with friendly people, right? I learned new words, new forms of transportation, and many new things that are coming to LA, I must say I enjoyed this experience.

Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to check out our social media! During tech day we had a cool giveaway every hour… I know right how cool is that, every hour… We posted the winners of the game on our social media! Plus you never know what other giveaways we have coming up! So be sure to check us out.

Thanks TechDay LA. Team Knit Had A Blast!

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