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#Teamknit took a break from the office and visited Teens Exploring Technology (TXT) Demo Day on August 5th. The TXT event took place at University of Southern California, and was AMAZING! TXT is a non- profit that trains young men of color/minorities in the field of technology and coding, with innovative projects and while teaching entrepreneurship and building a brotherhood. Would you believe that teens are really creating apps? Paris reports on the event below. Check out what the winning app was!

Teens Exploring Technology Demo Day

By Paris Thomas

My Co- Worker, Nyana and I attended the demo day. The purpose of the event was to show friends and family what the students had learned over their time in the TxT program. It was really heart warming for me to see so many diverse young boys and how technology has changed their life and helped build lifelong friendships. Over 6 apps were created! There was an opportunity for everyone to present their app to the judges and compete for prize money.

The first place winners were “The Duck”!

The duck is “An Al Duck that keeps track of who enters or exits a building/facility.”  This invention was just the cutest! From the looks of it, it makes going to work fun. Seriously, imagine instead of a lame clock-in punch card or Excel sheet, being able to communicate your

Even though they were the winning team, there were so many other great inventions that caught my eye like Magna Space. Magna Space “allows users to rent physical magna books from peers in the magna community.” Basically it’s like trading books, I love the idea and concept of this especially because reading is so underestimated nowadays.

We only got a brief inside peak of the work that Teens Exploring Technology is doing, and it was really fun and inspirational. Check them out here and support young men in the world that are making a change!

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