How to Start a Podcast with Yolanda Enoch

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At our Get Stuff Done Conference, we were so lucky to learn about podcasting with Yolanda Enoch, who hosts a podcast called How She Did It! We took a ride learning about how Yolanda got to where she is with her podcast and learned some tips along the way for starting our own. Among the tips we learned, was the importance of timing that a lot of people may take for granted. Although it is possible to make a podcast in a day, it takes a lot more than we think.

Not only is it hard to hear our own voices on recording, but we also need research! It is important to conduct research, not only about the industry, but about you too, what is best for you to base your podcast on. Time to experiment with the podcasts takes a lot of time especially when you need extra time to make sure you create quality content. Yolanda took almost two years to release her first podcast! Another big thing to take away from Yolanda’s presentation was managing costs. Although it may make sense to spend a lot to make a quality podcast, that is not what is needed. An expensive microphone does not necessarily mean more quality content, your own earphones work just fine! Quality content relies on what you talk about, your message and lessons you teach to your audience.

After all, you may feel starting a podcast is not for you, still the best way to know is the commit to six! We learned from Yolanda that it is a good strategy to attempt making 6 podcasts. After that, you should evaluate if it is actually for you.

Connect with Yolanda on LinkedIn, email here here, or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @yolandaenoch.

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