Quarterly Meeting #4

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On December 15th, Knit Marketing had its last quarterly meeting of 2018!

We began this meeting going over some of our strengths! We were assigned the task of completing a Clifton StrengthFinder Assessment before the meeting to better understand our strengths. Our top strengths included futuristic, relator, achiever, adaptability, and learner. Can you guess which strength belongs to who? Here are the answers:

Let us know if you got any correct! Looking at our strengths made us realize how many strengths we have in common but also what makes us unique and how we can use these strengths to help Knit Marketing.

After that we went over our values again and were happy that we have remained aligned with them. If you want a marketing team that genuinely cares, proactively problem solves, provides a personalized and collaborative service, and strives for excellence, then we are your team!

We moved onto discussing the weaknesses we see in Knit Marketing. We realized that we always want to do the best and put in a lot of time into clients’ social media, but we should also make time building our own social media. We also saw a lack of sales performance so we will be focusing on that as well this quarter. Overall, expect some good content coming your way!

Throughout the meeting, the team focused on our strengths and how we can use them to our advantage. Now that we had covered our individual strengths, we wanted to brainstorm what our strengths as a team are. These strengths included: that we are awesome people, respective and kind with loads of creativity. They also included more about that we like the fact that our social media always gets done on time, we love what we do, we are good at in-person meeting and organizing ourselves through methods like Google Drive (if you don’t use this for your business, you should!).

Overall, we were able to split what we wanted to focus on into 2 categories, which were content creation and business development. Using these two topics we filled a white board with plenty of ideas including who, what, when, why and how. After our brain dump we connected the ideas which led us to an action plan, which is how I got to writing this blog!

The format of our quarterly meeting reminded me of a service we provide called SpeedKnit. If you need to let out all your ideas or need ideas to create an action plan, give us a call!