Pride: Resources for LGBTQIA+ Youth

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It’s a scary feeling not knowing whether or not you have the support of those around you when transitioning “out of the closet.” It’s especially scary when you’re a teenager and live with closed minded individuals. Hell, it’s the worst knowing that there is a possibility you can be kicked out for being who you are. Thankfully, I and those I know that are members of the community have never had to face this. However, others aren’t so lucky. 

Below is a link members of the LGBTQIA+ community can use in case they ever find themselves in need of assistance, whether that be emotional, economic, mental, among others!

One organization that caught my eye was BIENESTAR: an organization meant to better the lives of Latinx/LGBTQIA+ folk! 

Make sure to share this information with anyone and everyone you know; you might be making someone’s life better!