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At Knit, we talk to many small business owners and entrepreneurs who are in a grey area of deciding whether to outsource their digital marketing efforts or keep them in-house. This can be a tough decision to make based on time available, skill level, budget, and more than anything – the interest to do the work.

For small teams with small budgets, we generally recommend keeping things in-house. This helps the startup define and develop their voice, test what works and doesn’t work, and have more of a direct relationship with their customers.

For those teams, we’ve developed #MiniKnit – which is everything we do for our monthly clients, but in a one-day workshop customized for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We come to you! We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your current marketing efforts and work with you to develop an executable plan that you and your team will be able to take over. We’ll plan periodic check-in calls after the workshop to make sure the ship is still sailing in the right direction.

MiniKnit MiniKnit MiniKnit

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  1. Wow! I am super impressed to read this newsletter, Rebecca. Great ideas, great way to learn, serve and tell the stories. It is encouraging to read how cutting edge help is connected with creative people waiting in the wings to begin, but needing some wings to go with their baby steps! Awesome! Greet your mom for me! Karen

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