MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018

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Jorge, Nyana, and Yesenia were invited to attend and help out with the social media for the Moja Moja Benefit Concert this year. They had a great time listening to the artists, admiring all the fashionable guests, and learning more about Moja Moja’s social impact initiatives.

MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018

By Jorge Guevara

MOJA MOJA held their annual brunch and benefit concert on February 10th this year. The hosts of the event did a fantastic job with amazing food, music, and a great venue.

MOJA MOJA is a foundation set out on supporting businesses and nonprofits helping multicultural youth to pursue education, internships and job preparedness opportunities in STEAM fields.

We’ll be interviewing some of those young minds later this summer. We hope wish them good luck

The event had some fantastic performances by the likes of Wajatta, Jungle Fire, Elise Trouw, and The Steoples. This accompanied by delicious brunch created a relaxed and enjoyable ambience.

The MOJA MOJA foundation also awarded The Revolution,, and Beat Junkie Sound each for their contributions to society.

We can’t wait for next year’s benefit concert!


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