Mindfulness in the Workplace with MJ Freeman

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On October 10th, we partnered with MJ Freeman, fierce and fearless founder of Positive Underground Social House to host a Get Stuff Done Workshop on Mindfulness in the Workplace.

A few key takeaways were:

  • Mindfulness is an accessible superpower!
  • Mindfulness is not just for hippies, nor is it exclusive to women.
  • Mindfulness teaches us that we have more than one option and can respond proactively instead of reactively.
  • Mental Health affects companies’ profitability because of absenteeism and declining work effort due to depression and anxiety.

“Self care does not look like taking a bubble bath… Self care can look like something that actually assists you like getting all your laundry done or purging your closet. Because if you have a clear space, you can have a clear mind.”

Watch the whole video below to learn more!


Presented by MJ Freeman

MJ Freeman is the Founder/Event Producer for Positive Underground Social House. Also known as, “P.U.S.H. Experience LA,” a live events and digital community platform in Los Angeles.  Meeting people where they’re at  – online and live events, P.U.S.H. Experience LA advocates for self-awareness, education and creative outlets for the go-getter!

Having worked in event entertainment and the service industry for 10+ years MJ saw a parallel between both worlds in her role as a manager.  The concerns and talent of team members were not being acknowledged in the work place.  Using her voice and experience, she cultivated spaces for millennial creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders to come together to co-create!

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