Knitting Together a Bright Future with Rebecca Borough

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We’re wrapping up our weekly features of boss ladies for women’s history month with the woman responsible for bringing you engaging, educational, and useful content; none other than Knit Marketing founder Rebecca Borough! Rebecca has worked tirelessly to be a resource, and beacon of hope to other entrepreneurs, and startups by sharing her knowledge and bringing like-minds together to engage in conversation and be a catalyst for the next big idea.

After college, Rebecca worked as a platinum event coordinator with Exquisite Events. She loved seeing how all the details came together to complete a grand vision. Soon, however, she wanted to see how the other side lived; the majority of the world. This led her to join the Peace Corps. She taught English and was a small business volunteer for two years in the state Hidalgo, Mexico. After finishing up there, the real fun began!

Rebecca decided to start her own business upon her return to the United States, and attended USC Marshall’s Social Entrepreneurship program to learn how to do it right. She wanted to start a business that would have more than profit as a bottom line. Knit Marketing was then born! Combining her love of entrepreneurship with teaching and education, Knit Marketing’s platform is double-edged. On the one hand, Knit makes money by providing premier digital marketing and social media services to our clients, but we’re also able to have a social impact by preparing young adults with work experience, training, and the tools needed to be competitive in today’s job market.

So far Rebecca and Team Knit have been knocking it out of the park! Since starting the business, Rebecca has hired 4 young adults as interns and one full-time employee. The company is growing by the day and is accomplishing all this while maintaining our very important social mission. Empowering youth!

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