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In the midst of the pandemic, I launched The 13th Grade Podcast with my team at Knit Marketing. On and off for the past 2 years, we’ve interviewed people about their personal journeys, finance, relationships, politics and more, with just one goal in mind – that every episode will teach our listeners something new. That we’ll learn something together. We’re relaunching the podcast on Tuesday, December 20th, so I thought now would be a good time to do a quick recap of where we’ve been and invite you in on the learning. 

As I went back through the 23 episodes, I was re-inspired by our podcast guests and what they’ve taught us and motivated by our team and what we’ve built, and I’m excited to keep it going! Let’s do this! 

The podcast is cut into mini series that we call “classes,” so you can subscribe and listen to all of them or you can just pick from the binge worthy classes that interest you. The following is a summary of our first 2 seasons. Find us on Spotify (or anywhere you get your podcasts) to be notified when our next episode drops! 

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Season 1

Class 1: Self Discovery 101

Episode 2: No One’s Journey is a Straight Path with Zackery Borough, Paramedic Firefighter 

I started the podcast out with my brother and it was the best way to launch the podcast. In it you’ll hear about his personal journey in school, career, and family and how he makes a point to learn something new every day! 

Episode 3: Finding Your Truth with Shar, Startup Founder & Standup Comedian 

Continuing the topic of Self-Discovery we take a closer look into the many paths one can take on a search for truth and meaning. In this episode, Shar shares some excellent advice on how anyone can find joy in their work and live out their own truth.

Episode 4: Purpose in Career with Aurora Meneghello, Transformational Coach

Aurora, the founder of Repurpose Your Purpose and an expert in self-discovery, has helped many people figure out life and their end careers. Listen as we discuss everything about figuring out whether you are in the right place, and what to do if you’re not. 

Episode 5: Class Final: Self Discovery 101 – The #TeamKnit Take 

The team of Knit Marketing, Yesenia, Abeyah, Jakson, Yanet, and I debrief the first 3 episodes of The 13th Grade Podcast sharing lessons learned. Topics discussed:

Class 2: Personal Finance and Homebuying 101

Episode 6: Personal Finance with Erika Hopkins, YNAB Evangelist and University Supervisor

Erika comes to the podcast to tell us about her journey to being a successful budgeter and share the knowledge she has acquired along the way.

Episode 7: Personal Savings with Vineet Prasad, Financial Counselor and Founder of Savings Academy 

In this episode, Vineet Prasad, financial counselor, gives easy to implement saving advice for people of all ages. He shares tips on monthly saving, creating a spending plan, and goes deeper into the positive effects of what having a handle on one’s personal finances would allow. 

Episode 8: A Personal Home Buying Experience with Erin, First Time Home Owner
From battling with tiny apartments to facing a housing shortage, Erin takes us through her journey to becoming a proud homeowner in the beautiful city of Toronto. 

Episode 9: Advice for First Time Home Buying with Hilary Blaha, Realtor
In this episode, we talk to Hilary Blaha who, after having her own first-time home buyer horror story, was motivated to help others avoid the same fate. She became a realtor and is now an expert with anything

Episode 10: Class Final: Personal Finance and First-Time Home Buying 101 – The #TeamKnit Take
The team of Knit Marketing, Rebecca, Yesenia, Abeyah, and Jakson debrief 4 episodes of The 13th Grade Podcast class on Personal Finance and First-Time Home Buying, sharing lessons learned.

Class 3: Culture Shock 101

Episode 11: Planting Roots in Los Angeles with Marina Terteryan, Professional Service Designer 

In this episode, we get personal with Marina as she gives us great analogies to help us understand the hardships she faced as an immigrant, and shares how she used those hardships to be the great person and designer she is today. 

Episode 12: Stories from First Generation Nigerian American Adewole Williams, Nonprofit Case Manager
In this episode, we listen to Adewole’s unique experience navigating his identity in the U.S. and even in Argentina! We go all the way back to his elementary school days, learn about his parents who immigrated from Nigeria and more. 

Episode 13: Immersing into Mexican Culture with Moriah McLeod, Artist, Traveler, and Paint Maker 

On the podcast, Marina shares stories and observations from when she landed in Mexico to the moment she departed. Moriah’s journey is a reminder to step out of your comfort zone because you never know the beauty you will find. 

Episode 14: Traveling Abroad and Coming Home with Lindsay Cohen, Cancer Institute Administrator
This episode was special to me, because my dear friend, Lindsay and I retrace our Peace Corps days in rural Mexico. Listen to us reminisce on their stories and experiences arriving in Mexico as well as leaving. 

Episode 15: Class Final: Culture Shock 101
The team of Knit Marketing, Rebecca, Yesenia, Abeyah, and Jakson debrief 4 episodes of The 13th Grade Podcast class on Culture, sharing lessons learned. 

Season 2

Class 4: Relationships 101

Episode 16: How to Spot Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships with Leah Nanni, Educator & Entrepreneur

Leah Nanni, educator and entrepreneur, and my good friend shares about her history with unhealthy and healthy relationships and gives some helpful tips on how to spot red flags. 

Episode 17: Sex and Technology: What You Need to Know with CeCe Carter, Creator of the “AfterGlow!”

CeCe Carter, creator of the “AfterGlow!” podcast, shares her experience with sex and dating in the online world and some tips on how to navigate the sexual world in the 21st Century. 

Episode 18: Toxic Masculinity: Knowing It and Learning How to be a Better Man With Josh Gannon, Creator of “Boys Will Be Human” Podcast

Josh Gannon, creator of the “Boys Will Be Human” podcast, defines what toxic masculinity is and shares his advice on how to improve our perception and expression of masculinity. 

Episode 19: Class Final: Relationships 101 – The #TeamKnit Take 

In this class final Leah Nanni (now Leah McManus) returns to give her own thoughts about sex and technology and toxic masculinity, as well as giving us more of her own thoughts about healthy and unhealthy relationships. We also dissect some of Team Knit’s responses.

Class 5: Politics 101

Episode 20: A Rundown on Democratic Campaigns and Managing Them with Daniel McNamara
Daniel McNamara discusses his experiences with campaign management and the ins and outs of all the dealings and functions happening within campaign offices.

Episode 21: How to Stay Informed About the Current Political Climate in America with Aaron Lyles, CEO of CommonAlly
Aaron Lyles, political activist and CEO of news media site CommonAlly, discusses the current status of information gathering regarding today’s political climate in America and how his company strives to make the best information more accessible to the common citizen. 

Episode 22: Civic Engagement with Christina Puentes: More Important to Learn and Engage Now than Ever

Christina Puentes discusses her experiences with civic engagement; how important it is – especially now – and how to get involved in it.

Episode 23: Class Final: Politics 101 – The #TeamKnit Take

On this episode, our forever #TeamKnit member, Adewole Williams hosts a conversation with Team Knits about campaigns, political dissemination, and civic engagement. Here you’ll have the opportunity to hear some of Team Knit’s thoughts about the overall nature of politics today.

What’s next on the 13th Grade Podcast? 

I invited my friend and coworker, Ulises Richards to join the podcast with me as a co host and in our first class we’re diving into Life Beyond the Pandemic: How to Survive! So be sure to subscribe on Spotify (or anywhere you get your podcasts) to catch up on the episodes above and be notified when our next episode goes live! 

Thanks for reading, listening, and learning with me! 

Read the original post on Rebecca’s Substack to hear audio clips from the podcast.