Knit’s Social Mission Part 1

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Intro: Yesenia had the idea of writing a little more in-depth about Knit’s social mission to paint a better picture for those who don’t know what we’re all about. This blog is part 1 – the employee experience. Next week, we’ll share part 2 – why Becca started Knit Marketing and what it means to her. Enjoy Yesenia’s heartfelt blog below and stay tuned for more!

Knit Marketing is more than running social media accounts and helping companies grow their fanbase. Put shortly, Knit Marketing’s social mission is to provide quality jobs for untapped youth, but what exactly does that mean and why does it matter? As an employee, I want to tell you all what Knit Marketing has done for me and what makes its social mission so special.

Until recently, my family consisted of my mother single-handedly raising 3 children including myself. The only job-related thing I knew about was how to clean apartments; throughout middle school and highschool I was cleaning apartments with my mother over the weekends and summer vacation.

In highschool, I always did my best. I did everything I could to prepare me for a good future. I had a 4.2 GPA, I was president of a club, I was a member of several other clubs and volunteer groups, and I did 2 sports! Yet no matter how much effort I put into school I felt I was getting nowhere; I had no real experience outside of school. Things were not easy – I was so intimidated by everything because I knew nothing! My senior year of highschool I got an email from my college counselor about an internship in marketing. I read the email and I was so excited because I had the chance to do more, to get myself out there and do something big. That day, I went home and opened a resume I worked on for a class (it finally came in handy), I updated it and did some more research on Knit Marketing. I knew this was a fit for me. I practiced and practiced interview questions and signed up for my interview. The day of my interview soon came and I could not be more anxious. I had so little experience and knowledge on getting a job so I was really nervous, I had to google “What to do if you throw up during a job interview”! Next thing I knew, I was standing outside the building of where my interview was, contemplating about whether or not to go in. Thankfully I took the chance, I did the interview. Later on, I got the news that I got the position!

Now, I have been working at Knit Marketing for over a year! I get to write blogs like this one and run social media accounts for awesome companies like law firms, which I love! I have gotten a taste of event planning and experience in networking! I realize that if it were not for Becca starting Knit Marketing I would not have the opportunities I have. Knit Marketing aims to help youth like me and Jorge and Ricky who I am sure have their own stories and struggles. My family and I do not have a great history, we have struggled a lot but I have been blessed with a position at Knit Marketing that not only helps provide at least a little bit of money for my family, but it has opened the doors for me to meet plenty of professional people, to gain real work experience, learn and grow. Knit Marketing can change a life like it has changed mine and that is what makes its social mission so special.