Knit Updates

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Dear family, friends, and #KnitFans,

I hope you’ve all been having a lovely summer! We have *sort of* been enjoying the heat, but mostly looking forward to a new season with cooler weather, the beginning of our new intern training, and a renewed direction for Knit Marketing.

We’ve made a couple changes over the last few weeks that we wanted to share.


Get Stuff Done Workshops

First, we tested the waters with a bunch of workshop dates leading up to our Get Stuff Done Conference later this year. We had such great feedback from our conference last year, that we wanted to offer many dates and topics to give people lots of chances to attend. However, we learned that it was too many for us to facilitate, and not as enticing for our guests, so we’ve brought it down to just 1 super quality workshop per month. We really hope you’ll join us for our next workshop: Social Media Tips, Tricks, and Myths on August 15th at the Big House (near USC).


Intern Training

We’re excited to be welcoming 3 new #Kninterns to our team this fall! The biggest change was that we usually start their training during their summer break, but because it’s been a slow season for us, we wanted to wait until we had lots of work, so they’ll get plenty of hands-on experience. And now with all our workshops, conference, and client work, I think we’ll keep them busy! Stay tuned for future blogs/newsletters to meet the new team.


(Temporary) Changes in Leadership

I was accepted to be a digital organizer for an organization called DigiDems. The opportunity was just too good to pass up, so I’ll be gone August 26th – November 10th, and will be leaving the leadership responsibilities to our Director of Operations, Adewole. I was nervous to tell the my team that I would be abandoning them, but they were excited for me and excited to take on the challenge of running the show in my absence. Clients and fans of Knit can rest assured that anything and everything pending will be in good hands with #TeamKnit.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions and we hope to see you at our workshops!

Have a restful end of summer!