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As a few of our team members started their Freshmen year in college, we thought it was only appropriate to share some back to school wisdom – for high school and college students. Here, Yesenia shares all about the extracurriculars that make going to school so much more worth it.

From personal experience, I can say extracurriculars play a big part of school life. In high school, I was involved in many clubs and sports teams and I regret not joining all of them earlier! Many people encourage extracurriculars simply to have your college application look more full. While that is true, there is a lot more to participating in extracurricular activities. I personally found the benefits of these activities to be beyond measure.

Just to lay out some examples, sophomore year of high school I found myself joining the cross country and track teams. Let’s say these teams taught me a lot, from fun to life tips, I learned it all.

Why not start off with the fun part? Being in these teams meant I got to make a lot of friends (who were by the way, each amazing people with different passions and views but we all connected through running). Each day after school at practice was a new experience, a new laugh, we made amazing memories with one another, from getting injured to potlucks.

Running taught me a lot about what I can handle, through the worst moments I always finished my races, I learned keeping a calm and positive mind is what gets you through these moments! During my first marathon, I remember feeling like quitting, but the fighter in me kept running and just smiling through the pain with my teammates next to me.  If it weren’t for me joining these teams I would have never got all these great memories!

But enough with the cheesy stuff, I also got the opportunity to be the president of CSF an academic organization. Being in this position really taught me about leadership, I learned to come out of my shy shell and lead a group of 60 something members. I learned to be organized, to plan meetings, and lots of team work with my cabinet. Furthermore, I made plenty of connections, I got the awesome opportunity to work with other organizations to run a service fair! I got to work with amazing teachers who continued to show their support and help me with things not just involving the club.

Having to run this club and run, literally, for the sports teams I was in, along with having after school classes everyday and other clubs like the newspaper team was really tough but really worth it. I became a well-rounded person, the person I am today, because of these activities, I got into a good college too!

Best of all, they gave me a boost during an interview to be a part of the best team in the world, #TeamKnit! Share your extracurricular activities and encourage others to be a part of these amazing activities!

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