Rebecca Interviewed by Alessandro Castellani on the Nerd Continuity Podcast

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Our new “internet friend,” Alex Castellani runs a really cool YouTube channel that offers great tutorials on all things web development. He’s become our Mr. Miagi of web development, as he is coaching our whole team on all the waxing on and off that goes into building a website from scratch. He also spoke at our conference in December and you can see his talk here.

Alex also hosts a podcast called Nerd Continuity and I had the pleasure of being interviewed on it. Check it out below!

If you made it all the way through the interview, you’ll notice that I failed when Alex asked me to answer what 3 three words describe me. I thought about this a lot over the next few days and I landed on dreamer, adventurer, doer.

Also, I mentioned a few marketing resources that we read and listen to, so I’m listing them here in case you’re interested.

Thanks for watching/listening! Hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more updates about our conference and other fun Knit news.


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