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At Knit, it’s our mission to help young people succeed in careers and college. While we’d love to be able to offer every teenager in LA a job at Knit Marketing, we’ll start by providing resources that will help regardless of where they end up. Earlier this summer, Robin Borough wrote a great how-to blog about acing an interview. The blog below was written by Yesenia, as she gives a first hand account of interview tips and why preparation is so important!

Looking to prepare for an upcoming interview? As an Intern at Knit Marketing, I know how you feel. I had to attend an interview session, I was so nervous to go I was questioning if the job is even worth it! Then I thought, even if I don’t get the job, at least I will have interview experience. So then I went and I was asked things about myself I didn’t even know yet, that as a teenager gave me an existential crisis! If I did not take the time to prepare, I know I would not have gotten the job. So the following is how I prepared for my first job interview.

The first step to applying for my job was to submit a cover letter and an optional resume, first off make sure you have submitted all the required documents or else you might not even get the chance to interview! Once I submitted all the required documentation, I was given a list of dates to pick for an interview. So when should you schedule your interview? To this I say pick the date not only based on days you are 100% sure you can make it, but base it on how you know yourself. Let’s take myself for example: I know if I give myself more time, I will procrastinate the researching and practicing part, so because of this I chose the very first date available to keep me under pressure. I also know I’m a morning person who thinks best earlier in the day, so I also chose the earliest time possible. To add on to this scheduling tip, any time you apply for a job constantly check your email, keep refreshing for any updates. It’s always best to answer emails as quickly as possible to guarantee your spot.

So now you have scheduled your interview, whats next? RESEARCH. The night before my interview I spent about 2 hours researching tips, but one thing I lacked was confidence; during your interview don’t be afraid to make eye contact or to brag a little. As the timid person I am I had trouble expressing why I thought I was fit for the job, but don’t be afraid to say your good qualities and do your best to answer each question. If you look up potential questions you may be asked you will be highly relieved (keep in mind these may change based on the job you’re applying for). In my case, I researched interview questions for a marketing job. Once you find some good questions I recommend writing down any ideas that you could talk about. Rather than memorizing a script for each question, be flexible and just brainstorm ideas that you can talk about that way you can extend these ideas to other questions you may be asked.

I know companies may sometimes cyberstalk possible employees, so after you do research on the possible questions, it’s your turn to cyberstalk the company! Make sure you are familiar with the company you are planning to work for. Look for their company mission statements, what they do and their visions. Once you feel you know enough you should think of ways to align your question replies to fit what the company wants or just likes. Also, after doing the company research you should come up with effective questions you could ask after the interview to let the company know you care and put thought into it. After all this, don’t over practice to the point where it’s no longer natural.

Now it’s time for your interview! Set at least 2 alarms to make sure you’re on time and give a good first impression. Make sure to dress nice, take time to plan your outfit the night before in case something in the morning does not go as planned. Once you get there don’t forget a firm handshake and don’t get nervous, show maturity and speak with confidence.  

(P.S. Yesenia didn’t mention that she was also the only interviewee to send a follow-up thank you email! This goes a long way in an interview, so don’t forget this simple step. -Rebecca)

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