How to Write a Blog

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Writing a blog can be daunting for many reasons. For starters, the topic!

There’s an overwhelming number of topics bloggers can cover: health, lifestyle, politics, among other things. Although all of these topics are very different, they all have one thing in common; they’re all relevant and affect people on a daily basis. If and when you decide to write a blog, make sure that the topic you’re covering will inform and/or benefit your audience!

Speaking of audience, make sure you know to whom your blog is directed!

For example, if your audience is kids and parents, even though you’re really fired up, you probably shouldn’t write a blog on border security and the recent major government shutdown for that audience. Instead, if you want to write about current events, you could publish your article on a site created for people interested in current issues or your on your own Medium channel.  

Next, make sure to do some research!

Providing evidence-based facts is crucial to establishing your credibility! There are so many websites that provide false information to lure in potential readers – otherwise known as clickbait. Even if you’re an expert, doing some research to refresh your memory on the topic at hand doesn’t hurt.

Finally, make sure to write with an open mind.

Writing a blog that is opinionated and bashes the “opposing” side – if there is one – is not the way to go about and write! Being considerate of those not part of your team – in addition to audience members that may have a different opinion – is pivotal to conveying your stance effectively.

As you can tell, writing a blog is not easy, but it is doable! Keep these tips in mind, write in your own authentic style, and rock the world!

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