How To Use Instagram Stories with Marissa Stahl

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Social media is constantly changing, we see new platforms frequently arising and old ones adding new features so quickly that it can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with. Luckily, we had Marissa Stahl from Something Social at the conference to keep us updated and teach us some cool hacks to optimize our social media presences.

First off, we learned about Marissa and her team that encourage caption creativity, brand cultivating and believe hard work should go into understanding your vision and values. We have to admit, we were all a bit confused by the new algorithms and features on Instagram such as Instastories! Marissa gave us tips to effectively use pictures, videos and boomerangs to increase our social media attention and to tell our stories. She gave us helpful ideas and examples for content that should be specific to our company. We loved all she taught us about the secrets of geotags and hashtags that are a key to engagement! She went even further in discussing how to conduct Instagram polls and using Direct Messages to form a community around our brands and how we can highlight an important item on our accounts.

Email Marissa here and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @marissacstahl

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