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A common challenge we hear from entrepreneurs and startup teams (our own team included) is not knowing when or where or how to get started.

Sometimes, it’s because the entrepreneur left a full-time structured job and suddenly finds him/herself wondering how to manage time. For some, it’s a question of juggling full-time work and a side hustle and not knowing when to fit it in. Or maybe the startup was born in a school setting, as a group project with mandatory deadlines, 10-slide-deck templates, and lots of support from professors and mentors, and now the team finds themselves asking how to get started in the real world.Do you like my hat? Entrepreneur deciding which hat to wear.

The startup team goes from having to wear one or few hats to wearing several, and it’s hard to know which hat to put on each day. It becomes so overwhelming deciding which hat to wear, that a 40-hour work week starts to sound appealing.

Don’t do it!

In a new podcast called “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” Cathy Heller encourages anyone with a dream to pursue it, and we at Knit Marketing agree.

In their daily email, Gaping Void suggests starting small in the in-between time. Their advice is about writing, but entrepreneurship is the same. It’s like a diet that you never call a diet; you call it a lifestyle. (Supposedly that’s going to make you feel better about eating kale.)

Just Begin from Gaping VoidWith any lifestyle change that’s going to last, you have to make it manageable for you and your team. Can you fit in a new blog post once a week or a sales call twice a month? While you’re sitting in traffic, could you record your brilliant ideas into a voice recorder? Can you outsource the things you don’t like doing to friends, family, and other like-minded businesses?

Writers complain about writer’s block, but entrepreneurs suffer from the same. The writers’ solution is to encourage writing a little bit every day. What small thing can you do for your business each day? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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