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On December 9th, Knit Marketing will be hosting the GET STUFF DONE Digital Marketing Conference! We are excited to welcome the following incredible Speakers and Facilitators. Check back often, as we’ll be updating this page before the event!

Introducing our GET STUFF DONE Conference Speakers and Partners:


SoZango Solutions

SoZango designs chatbot solutions for high impact organizations. We deploy artificial intelligence (A.I.) to enable intelligence augmentation (I.A.) — removing repetition from your job and promoting meaningful connections. We guide brands to discover what outcomes they are seeking, create a targeted content framework, and utilize the latest tech to craft a curated solution.

Talk to us about conversations SO worth having @sozangosolutions.


Jasmine Foroutan | Pitch Genius

Jasmine Foroutan is a full-time pitch deck specialist for tech startups, investors, and accelerators. She’s the Founder & CEO of Pitch Genius, a boutique pitch deck consulting firm on a mission to help more startups get funded. The firm is based in Los Angeles, but has also helped startups successfully pitch in San Francisco & New York.  She started her career in 2014 and holds a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship from Loyola Marymount University.

Follow Jasmine on Medium and Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, and learn about pitch deck services at Feel free to email her here.  


Alessandro Castellani | Alecaddd

Alessandro, is a software developer from Italy who moved to Canada in 2014, mostly because he was tired of eating pizza and pasta every day. Currently working as Lead Developer and Product Manager at Ritual Music, he’s a huge Open Source advocate, actively contributing to multiple Linux distros, sharing the source code of his projects, and developing native Open Source Linux applications. Mostly known online for his YouTube Channel, where he releases weekly tutorials about development and design.

Follow Alex on YouTube and Twitter, and connect with him on Facebook


Robin Borough | Omnikron

As President of Omnikron Systems, Inc., Robin Borough has worked with scores of Fortune 100-500 companies, focusing on technology-related training and staffing solutions in areas including Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud and Convergence, Process Transformation, Design Thinking and many other critical areas affecting today’s organizations.

Ms. Borough is the creator of the Learning Lifecycle™ and Leadership Elevation Framework™; she’s the CoFounder of Thinkers50 eCademy and board member for Thinking Dimensions Global. Ms. Borough is the author of the career management book, Competing for your Future; she often speaks on Career Acceleration and leads “Genius-on-Demand” workshops. Educated at California State University Northridge and Universite Laval, Ms. Borough lives in Southern California, is married with 5 adult children and a grand-baby on the way!

Connect with Robin on LinkedIn or email her here


Yolanda Enoch

Yolanda Enoch is a multi-hyphenate who moved to Los Angles four years ago. She helps individuals organize their home and digital lives. So they can spend their mental resources on the things they actually care about.

She also hosts, produces, and edits the podcast How She Did It. The podcast explores the often winding and rarely linear career paths of women of color. The mission is to get more women of color to take action towards having a career they love.

Her career began in Human Resources in 2003. She uses that experience to provide recruiting and HR operations support to companies.

Connect with Yolanda on LinkedIn, email here here, or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @yolandaenoch.


Marissa Stahl | Something Social

Marissa Stahl is the Vice President of Operations at Something Social, a Digital Media & Creative agency located in Los Angeles, CA. Having worked with over 65+ brands, her expertise lies in translating a brand’s mission & purpose into a visual portrayal and executing it in the digital space. Well versed in the inner-workings of all social media platforms, she is your go-to for social media & digital strategy. Marissa is a graduate of the University of Southern California.

Email Marissa here and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @marissacstahl. 


Xavier Di Petta

Xavier is an 21-year-old serial entrepreneur from rural Australia who made the big move to California. In 2014, as a senior in high school, Xavier and his co-founders raised 2 million dollars from several investors, including Upfront Ventures and 500 Startups, to build All Day Media. All Day is a digital media company that shares news and media content with the world through images.

More recently, Xavier has focused his energy of working with SMBs to grow their audience and generate leads using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Xavier began working with digital media at 11, uploading comedy skits on YouTube, and then moving onto use platforms that were up and coming at that time, such as Facebook and Twitter. He was attracted to social media because of its power to give ordinary people the ability to spread their messages across the world instantly.

Email Xavier here


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