Domination Strategy Day (TeamKnit’s Quarterly Meeting)

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Domination Day: Level Up!

On May 17th, we had our first very Domination Day where we planned how to brainwash humans and take over the world! Well… not really, it was more of a team bonding and discussion day. The day began at Santa Monica Cross Campus, and the only clue we had about how the day would go was in an email we received the night before that said: “wear comfortable clothes.” Once everyone arrived, we ate our signature breakfast bagels with cream cheese, roasted ham, and tomatoes.

We proceeded to talk about our strengths as individuals from a survey we took the day before. We went around the table sharing the details of our strengths. I found this specific part of our day to be one of the highlights as we really got into learning about each other and what runs through our minds that makes us different and strong in our own ways. After this deep discussion, we figured how we can best use these strengths to work toward our goals for Knit Marketing. We worked to define the goals we want to achieve under certain time frames and refined the core values we want to remember as we reach for our goals. 

Knit Marketing Core Values

Next stop was lunch! We grabbed lunch to-go at Chipotle and Becca drove us up a creepy mountain while joking about kidnapping us. We made it to a hiking trail, grabbed our food and step-by-step with our teammates next to us, we got through the hike and the view made it all worth it (okay, maybe the food too)! At the top, and throughout the hike, we learned a lot about each other and our interests, we shared fun moments and laughs proving this to be a great bonding activity for #TeamKnit!

TeamKnit Domination Day

TeamKnit Domination Day

Reflecting on our experience, it is easy to see how step-by-step, just how we made it through the hike, we can make it to reach our goals for Knit Marketing. At the end of the day, we were able to settle that the theme of this Domination Day would be leveling up! Just as how with each step on our hike we went up levels, during this quarter we want to accomplish the goals we worked on setting in order to get Knit Marketing to Level Up!

TeamKnit Domination Day

TeamKnit Domination Day

We’d love to hear about your team’s quarterly meetings! What do you do that’s fun/interesting?

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