Doing It Right: A Client Shoutout

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A Blog by Jakson Buhaj

Racism has been a big issue across the world for thousands of years. It is defined as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people based on their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.” Over time, brave people from different ethnicities have stepped forward to speak up in hopes that the world would hear their voices. Those same people are looked up to today in society as models of how we should act toward each other. Inspirational stories are still told today of how Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus, or how Martin Luther King Jr. peacefully protested in Montgomery. 

In a time of civil unrest, today people may be discouraged or scared of speaking up when becoming a bystander of racial inequality. The Alliance Of Woman Directors (AWD) is a community that identifies as female or nonbinary people and is “committed to substantially increasing the number of working women directors in film, television, commercials and new media.” AWD has done an outstanding job of uplifting voices that need to be heard and is constantly progressing diversity and inclusion. 

Knit has enjoyed working alongside AWD to help share the stories and moving work of female filmmakers, directors, producers, writers, and editors from any and all cultural backgrounds. AWD has showcased work such as “King Ester” a poignant series about an African American trans-woman trying to navigate her sexual identity a week before Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. 

The members of AWD are a fierce cohort of directors sharing extremely important and many times untold stories through film. Through social media and their monthly newsletter, the Alliance of Woman Directors gives a valuable platform to uplift the vital work of their members.