Content Legacy: Telling your 30 Year Story One Post at a Time (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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Founders, quick question:

What’s the best way to –

(A) get early traction on your project + (B) avoid costly development mistakes?

By finding your tribe.

Find your tribe by telling your story, one post at a time.

I’ll be discussing all things personal branding for startup founders with the Knit Marketing team!

If you’re in LA, come hang out as we discuss key ways to build your online profile and launch your startup.

Have you ever followed someone’s personal brand on Instagram and Facebook and wondered how they come up with so much content day after day (or even hour after hour)? Does it sound lofty to tell your whole life story or your company’s entire story through a series of small posts? (We even sometimes wonder, how will anyone really understand the heart of Knit Marketing through a few Instagram Stories?)

Well if you’re interested in learning how to get deep and build a legacy on social media, you are in luck!

On September 12th, Terence Latimer, content creator and founder of Food Tribe, will be taking a deep dive into how to create content based on your personal and/or company legacy. We would love for you to join us! It’s a hands-on workshop, where seating is capped at 20 people, so you’ll be able to get all your ideas out and all your questions answered.

Curious? Email us for more info.

Ready to sign up?

September 12th 7:30pm at the Big House

Eventbrite - Content Legacy: Telling your 30 Year Story 1 Post at a Time - A Get Stuff Done Workshop

Presented by Terence Latimer

Terence Latimer is a digital marketer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. He’s the founder of 360° platform Food Tribe, a startup that works with restaurants and food brands to develop better relationships with foodies. Terence has 10+ years working with startups on everything from sales development, digital marketing campaigns, to launching new products. Follow Terence on Instagram @kingterentius, email him at, or friend him on Facebook

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