Congratulations to Knit Marketing Newest Employees

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We wrapped up the summer with our 2nd round of interns becoming official #TeamKnit employees and to celebrate, we had a little graduation for them. Paris writes about it below.

Congratulations to Knit Marketing Newest Employees

by Paris Thomas

Congratulations to Knit Marketing’s newest employees, Jorge and Yesenia! They graduated from interns and became employees. During their internship, they were taught marketing skills, social media skills, time management and basic skills to succeed in the marketing world. Growth is beautiful, to see someone grow and mature like they did and to see the little things change is just amazing!

In honor of Jorge and Yesenia completing their internship we had a mini graduation ceremony and I must say I am truly thrilled to have two new talented people on #TeamKnit! Their presentations at the graduation blew my mind. Jorge made a video-game-themed PowerPoint and Yesenia’s presentation was a hand drawn video. I really enjoyed it and think everyone else at the graduation did too. Being able to watch them graduate also reminded me of my own growth, I was just like them last summer. I was just in their shoes – kind of shy and nervous, but Knit broke me out of my shell. Working for Knit tested me and so I was forced to pull out the best of me.

Read more about Yesenia’s presentation.

Read more about Jorge’s presentation.

I’m very happy for Jorge and Yesenia, I believe it’s safe to say they are very happy for themselves. In the words of Jorge, “He wants to work for Knit Marketing forever.”.

Well welcome to #TeamKnit!!!

-Paris Thomas

View the live stream from the event:

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