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womens history month with yolanda encoh

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with Yolanda Enoch

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Yolanda Enoch is a consultant of business and people operations for small businesses and entrepreneurs, podcaster for the How She Did It podcast, and total lady boss. She’s a good friend of Knit’s, has spoken at our Get Stuff Done Conference, and is continuing to rock it in the entrepreneurial world. Watch the whole interview […]

womens history month victoria lin

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with Victoria Lin

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Barnabas Robotics holds a special place in my heart and the hearts of everyone on #TeamKnit, because they were our very first client! They’ve come a long way since they launched, and we’re honored to have been a small piece of their history. In my interview with co-founder Victoria Lin, she talks about their mission […]

womens history month heidi hilton project happy hearts

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with Heidi Hilton

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Heidi Burns Hilton is the founder of Project Happy Hearts, an amazing organization with a mission to spread heart health and happiness throughout the world, and specifically to patients and their families dealing with congenital heart disease. You’ll love hearing about her journey! Watch the whole interview below, and find Heidi and Project Happy Hearts […]

Women's History Month AristaHire

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with AristaHire

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Robin Borough and Julissa Estrada recently founded AristaHire and AristaLearn to revolutionize the way that employers find talent, job seekers find work, and leaders continue growing in their career paths through technical training. Rebecca had the opportunity to pick their brains for some great career and entrepreneurial advice. Check out the whole interview below! Find […]

KnitTV with Evelyn Santos

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with Evelyn Santos

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I had the pleasure to speak with Evelyn Santos, cofounder of Gentefy and Blvd Mrkt, an amazing social enterprise that empowers local foodie entrepreneurs to work, learn, and grow, in the city of Montebello, while contributing to the food and culture of where they grew up. If you’d like to be a part of Blvd […]

Latinx Youth in America – Part 2

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LImmigration is a “touchy” subject for many. In many cases, Latinx youth often find themselves in the middle of the conversation. Why? Of course, Latinx youth are the offspring of immigrants, but there must be a much deeper reason as to why Latinx youth are directly affected by the biases/perceptions of immigration by others. I […]

Latinx Youth in America – Part 1

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Being a low-income, first generation student is not easy – at all. Learning the “ropes” and becoming accustomed to the burden – the hardships – bestowed upon a person is difficult. This is especially strenuous for Latinx youth in the United States who are not provided with/have access to the same educational opportunities as their […]