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You Might Be Small But Culture Wins Big

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Intro: Over the summer, we had the pleasure of welcoming Adam and Allen from Bourbon Fat to facilitate an employee experience workshop for our team, that they creatively retitled “Employee Experience FRAPPY Hour.” Because the majority of our team members are under 21, Frappuccinos seemed a little more fitting than cocktails. Bourbon Fat led us […]

The Ultimate Interview Guide: A guest blog post by Omnikron President Robin Borough

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Intro: If the name of our guest blogger sounds familiar, that’s because Robin is Rebecca’s mom! She also happens to be an expert in helping people land their dream jobs. Because Knit Marketing’s mission is all about creating job opportunities, we asked her to share her wisdom to our team and any other young person […]

Knit Marketing Brand Guide

Why Do You Need a Brand Design Guide? A guest blog post by Graphic Designer, Dorey Kronick

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Intro: Branding can be challenging for any size company, and it comes up a lot in the work we do at Knit Marketing, because we’re constantly asking our clients for logo files, what fonts they use, their specific colors, etc. We recently went through our own process of having our friend and graphic designer, Dorey Kronick help […]