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Mindfulness in the Workplace (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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That’s why we’ve invited MJ Freeman, founder of P.U.S.H. Experience LA, to teach us all about what that hippy dippy word, mindfulness, means and how we can take steps to be more mindful in our daily personal and professional lives. 

Content Legacy: Telling your 30 Year Story One Post at a Time (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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Founders, quick question: What’s the best way to – (A) get early traction on your project + (B) avoid costly development mistakes? By finding your tribe. Find your tribe by telling your story, one post at a time. I’ll be discussing all things personal branding for startup founders with the Knit Marketing team! If you’re in LA, […]

Social Media Tips, Tricks, & Myths (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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Have you ever laid in bed staring at your Instagram profile wondering why your follower count is going down instead of up? Or have you just started a business and you’re excited to tell the world about your new product and service and you announce it on Facebook, only to receive one like… from your […]

Domination Strategy Day (TeamKnit’s Quarterly Meeting)

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Domination Day: Level Up! On May 17th, we had our first very Domination Day where we planned how to brainwash humans and take over the world! Well… not really, it was more of a team bonding and discussion day. The day began at Santa Monica Cross Campus, and the only clue we had about how […]

Knit Marketing goes to E3 2018!

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We survived E3 2018! E3 is one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Around 70,000 people attended this year. Although the halls are mainly dominated by the big players,(Microsoft /Sony /Nintendo), there is plenty of room for smaller developers to shine. One space in particular, IndieCade, is a great place for smaller developers […]

MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018

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Intro: Jorge, Nyana, and Yesenia were invited to attend and help out with the social media for the Moja Moja Benefit Concert this year. They had a great time listening to the artists, admiring all the fashionable guests, and learning more about Moja Moja’s social impact initiatives. MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018 By Jorge Guevara […]

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Telling Your Brand Story with Jasmine Foroutan

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  Jasmine from Pitch Genius was the expert to teach us all about developing our brand stories during the Get Stuff Done Conference. She took us through writing and perfecting our own pitches that are very important for every aspect of a business. We clarified and worded our goals and visions into a quick catchy […]

SoZango Solutions Chatbots Get Stuff Done Conference

Using Chatbots for Marketing with SoZango Solutions

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  It was so fun and crazy to learn about chatbots with SoZango Solutions! They are really the future. At the Get Stuff Done Conference, we explored why chatbots are so useful to engage with customers in a personalized way. We learned in the best way, through first-hand experience by getting to play with some […]

Instagram Stories Marissa Stahl Get Stuff Done Conference

How To Use Instagram Stories with Marissa Stahl

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  Social media is constantly changing, we see new platforms frequently arising and old ones adding new features so quickly that it can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with. Luckily, we had Marissa Stahl from Something Social at the conference to keep us updated and teach us some cool hacks to optimize our social […]