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Meet Female Founder: Taryn Rose

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  This month we’re featuring strong, independent, and intelligent women. For March, Women’s History Month, we’re happy to present one of Knit Marketing’s clients, Taryn Rose. She’s the founder of Taryn Rose and founder/CEO of Enrico Cuini, two widely successful luxury shoe companies. I had the pleasure of attending an event with Taryn at a […]

MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018

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Intro: Jorge, Nyana, and Yesenia were invited to attend and help out with the social media for the Moja Moja Benefit Concert this year. They had a great time listening to the artists, admiring all the fashionable guests, and learning more about Moja Moja’s social impact initiatives. MOJA MOJA Benefit Concert 2018 By Jorge Guevara […]

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Telling Your Brand Story with Jasmine Foroutan

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  Jasmine from Pitch Genius was the expert to teach us all about developing our brand stories during the Get Stuff Done Conference. She took us through writing and perfecting our own pitches that are very important for every aspect of a business. We clarified and worded our goals and visions into a quick catchy […]

SoZango Solutions Chatbots Get Stuff Done Conference

Using Chatbots for Marketing with SoZango Solutions

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  It was so fun and crazy to learn about chatbots with SoZango Solutions! They are really the future. At the Get Stuff Done Conference, we explored why chatbots are so useful to engage with customers in a personalized way. We learned in the best way, through first-hand experience by getting to play with some […]

Instagram Stories Marissa Stahl Get Stuff Done Conference

How To Use Instagram Stories with Marissa Stahl

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  Social media is constantly changing, we see new platforms frequently arising and old ones adding new features so quickly that it can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with. Luckily, we had Marissa Stahl from Something Social at the conference to keep us updated and teach us some cool hacks to optimize our social […]

Alex Castellani Get Stuff Done Conference

A Guide to YouTube with Alex Castellani

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  Alex is our YouTube goals! But like he himself said, not because he is famous or rich, but because of how his channel started. We recommend you hear the story from him (by watching the video above), because we were very inspired! But long story short, Alex learned a new language while teaching others […]

Robin Borough Webinars Get Stuff Done Conference

Using Webinars for Lead Generation with Robin Borough

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  Our mom and our number one fan is the only one who can make learning about webinars fun! To be more specific, we learned about creating a loyal fan base by using webinars. Robin Borough, president of Omnikron, walked us through the whole process of using webinars from setting it up before, to tips […]

Podcasting Yolanda Enoch Get Stuff Done Conference

How to Start a Podcast with Yolanda Enoch

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  At our Get Stuff Done Conference, we were so lucky to learn about podcasting with Yolanda Enoch, who hosts a podcast called How She Did It! We took a ride learning about how Yolanda got to where she is with her podcast and learned some tips along the way for starting our own. Among […]

Rebecca Interviewed by Alessandro Castellani on the Nerd Continuity Podcast

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Our new “internet friend,” Alex Castellani runs a really cool YouTube channel that offers great tutorials on all things web development. He’s become our Mr. Miagi of web development, as he is coaching our whole team on all the waxing on and off that goes into building a website from scratch. He also spoke at […]