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The Entrepreneur’s Holiday Gift Guide

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This year, we gathered a few ideas for you to gift the entrepreneurs in your life. Take a look at our holiday themed #KnitTips below. It’s not too late to get those crazy business people in your life something perfect for them! Never Enough Coffee You know entrepreneurs can never drink enough coffee, so a […]

Now Offering: #SpeedKnit

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Knit Marketing offers a 90-minute consulting session for new businesses, scaling businesses, and businesses expanding their product line or entering new territories.  In 90-minutes, we’ll get all the most important ideas and questions out on paper and make an action plan to move forward. We’ll identify key stakeholders and set deadlines.  After the #SpeedKnit, we’ll […]

How to Craft a Successful Path (Our Q3 Meeting)

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Do you ever find yourself having trouble setting and accomplishing goals? No worries, because you are not alone and with some goal setting tips, you can surely improve! On October 13, 2018, #TeamKnit had the fantastic opportunity of attending a quarterly meeting on the UCLA campus from 9:30AM- 2:30PM with the teacher for the day, […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness in the Workplace with MJ Freeman

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On October 10th, we partnered with MJ Freeman, fierce and fearless founder of Positive Underground Social House to host a Get Stuff Done Workshop on Mindfulness in the Workplace. A few key takeaways were: Mindfulness is an accessible superpower! Mindfulness is not just for hippies, nor is it exclusive to women. Mindfulness teaches us that we […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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That’s why we’ve invited MJ Freeman, founder of P.U.S.H. Experience LA, to teach us all about what that hippy dippy word, mindfulness, means and how we can take steps to be more mindful in our daily personal and professional lives. 

Telling Your 30 Year Story

Your Content Legacy by Terence Latimer (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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Watch the video from Knit Marketing’s Get Stuff Done Workshop, presented by Terence Latimer: Content Legacy: Telling Your 30-Year Story One Post at a Time.

Why Your Website is Slow

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Using website themes on sites like WordPress and Hubspot can be a convenient way to create and manage your website. However, those beautiful themes also carry a lot weight, so to speak.  We’re going to focus on things you can do right now on your website to speed it up! First off, we’re gonna take […]

Content Legacy: Telling your 30 Year Story One Post at a Time (A Get Stuff Done Workshop)

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Founders, quick question: What’s the best way to – (A) get early traction on your project + (B) avoid costly development mistakes? By finding your tribe. Find your tribe by telling your story, one post at a time. I’ll be discussing all things personal branding for startup founders with the Knit Marketing team! If you’re in LA, […]