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Alex Castellani Get Stuff Done Conference

A Guide to YouTube with Alex Castellani

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  Alex is our YouTube goals! But like he himself said, not because he is famous or rich, but because of how his channel started. We recommend you hear the story from him (by watching the video above), because we were very inspired! But long story short, Alex learned a new language while teaching others […]

Robin Borough Webinars Get Stuff Done Conference

Using Webinars for Lead Generation with Robin Borough

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  Our mom and our number one fan is the only one who can make learning about webinars fun! To be more specific, we learned about creating a loyal fan base by using webinars. Robin Borough, president of Omnikron, walked us through the whole process of using webinars from setting it up before, to tips […]

Podcasting Yolanda Enoch Get Stuff Done Conference

How to Start a Podcast with Yolanda Enoch

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  At our Get Stuff Done Conference, we were so lucky to learn about podcasting with Yolanda Enoch, who hosts a podcast called How She Did It! We took a ride learning about how Yolanda got to where she is with her podcast and learned some tips along the way for starting our own. Among […]

Join that School Extracurricular!

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Intro: As a few of our team members started their Freshmen year in college, we thought it was only appropriate to share some back to school wisdom – for high school and college students. Here, Yesenia shares all about the extracurriculars that make going to school so much more worth it. From personal experience, I […]

Yesenia Intern Presentation

What Yesenia Learned Through her Knit Marketing Summer Internship

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Intro: On September 2nd, we hosted a graduation for our summer interns. They were tasked with presenting a summary of what they learned through their 12-week internship with Knit Marketing. Yesenia shared this video that she created, drew, and narrated telling the story of her summer with Knit. Our guests were blown away by her […]