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Positioning Your Product/Service

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This semester at UCLA, I finally started taking some business entrepreneurship courses! Although I am not sure about owning my own business someday, I love learning about business! So far I’ve pitched a product in front of my class, learned about ads and business models, and so much more. I’ve tried to include some of […]

Knit’s Social Mission Part 1

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Intro: Yesenia had the idea of writing a little more in-depth about Knit’s social mission to paint a better picture for those who don’t know what we’re all about. This blog is part 1 – the employee experience. Next week, we’ll share part 2 – why Becca started Knit Marketing and what it means to […]

4 Apps We Use to Run Knit Marketing

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It’s no secret that running a business takes a lot of effort, but there are tricks to make some parts a little easier, and I’m going to talk a little about the software and apps that we use to make our day-to-day work more efficient. Personally, one of my favorite apps we use at Knit […]

Quarterly Meeting #4

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On December 15th, Knit Marketing had its last quarterly meeting of 2018! We began this meeting going over some of our strengths! We were assigned the task of completing a Clifton StrengthFinder Assessment before the meeting to better understand our strengths. Our top strengths included futuristic, relator, achiever, adaptability, and learner. Can you guess which […]

5 Tips to Get More Likes On Your Instagram Post

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Hashtags! Hashtags can really boost the likes on a post when done right! If you choose to add hashtags to your post, you should first of all separate them from the caption of your post. You can do this through a hyphen, dots, or putting them as a separate comment. Separating your hashtags helps your […]

What You Need to Know About the Gaming Industry!

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  As technology advances, the gaming world is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our society. The industry is expected to continue blooming. From my research I have found that specifically the mobile gaming industry is becoming very valuable as it generates 51% on all the money generated from the gaming market globally. Although […]

Domination Strategy Day (TeamKnit’s Quarterly Meeting)

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Domination Day: Level Up! On May 17th, we had our first very Domination Day where we planned how to brainwash humans and take over the world! Well… not really, it was more of a team bonding and discussion day. The day began at Santa Monica Cross Campus, and the only clue we had about how […]

: Get Stuff Done Marketing Conference

Telling Your Brand Story with Jasmine Foroutan

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  Jasmine from Pitch Genius was the expert to teach us all about developing our brand stories during the Get Stuff Done Conference. She took us through writing and perfecting our own pitches that are very important for every aspect of a business. We clarified and worded our goals and visions into a quick catchy […]

SoZango Solutions Chatbots Get Stuff Done Conference

Using Chatbots for Marketing with SoZango Solutions

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  It was so fun and crazy to learn about chatbots with SoZango Solutions! They are really the future. At the Get Stuff Done Conference, we explored why chatbots are so useful to engage with customers in a personalized way. We learned in the best way, through first-hand experience by getting to play with some […]

Instagram Stories Marissa Stahl Get Stuff Done Conference

How To Use Instagram Stories with Marissa Stahl

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  Social media is constantly changing, we see new platforms frequently arising and old ones adding new features so quickly that it can be confusing and overwhelming to deal with. Luckily, we had Marissa Stahl from Something Social at the conference to keep us updated and teach us some cool hacks to optimize our social […]