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KnitTV with Evelyn Santos

KnitTV Presents: Women Making History with Evelyn Santos

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I had the pleasure to speak with Evelyn Santos, cofounder of Gentefy and Blvd Mrkt, an amazing social enterprise that empowers local foodie entrepreneurs to work, learn, and grow, in the city of Montebello, while contributing to the food and culture of where they grew up. If you’d like to be a part of Blvd […]

Knit’s Social Mission Part 2

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Whenever I have the opportunity to be interviewed or speak to an audience about Knit Marketing, the question comes up, “what led you start Knit?” which I suppose you can find in bits and pieces throughout our website, but I’ve never actually taken the time to explain the story in detail. With Yesenia’s recent blog […]

Knit Launch Party

To Start or Not Start a Business?

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We’ve all heard about Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week and can imagine ourselves lounging on a beach somewhere with a constant flow of margaritas while the money just rolls into our bank accounts, because of the small fortune we’ve made from our small businesses. But the truth is, it takes a lot more than 4-hours […]

Founder’s Confessions

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Growing a business is hard, but we’re growing something good. Learn more.

Knit Updates

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Dear family, friends, and #KnitFans, I hope you’ve all been having a lovely summer! We have *sort of* been enjoying the heat, but mostly looking forward to a new season with cooler weather, the beginning of our new intern training, and a renewed direction for Knit Marketing. We’ve made a couple changes over the last […]

What the Eff Is a Social Enterprise?

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When I start to explain our business model to interested friends and colleagues, a lot of questions and comments come up, such as: “Oh you could apply for grants for something like that, right?” “So it’s kind of like child labor…” “Oh that’s cool. Yeah my organization makes sure to give 1% of their profits […]

What We’re Building

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We’ve been applying to incubators, accelerators, and pitch competitions and this is a summary of everything we’ve learned in 6 weeks.

Welcome to the team (again) to Adewole Williams

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It was so natural to just keep working with Adewole, that we didn’t even take a second to pause to thank him, and congratulate him for his promotion! On February 19th, Adewole became Knit’s first full-time employee and Operations Manager and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him on board. In the past year, […]

Rebecca Interviewed by Alessandro Castellani on the Nerd Continuity Podcast

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Our new “internet friend,” Alex Castellani runs a really cool YouTube channel that offers great tutorials on all things web development. He’s become our Mr. Miagi of web development, as he is coaching our whole team on all the waxing on and off that goes into building a website from scratch. He also spoke at […]