A Guide to YouTube with Alex Castellani

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Alex is our YouTube goals! But like he himself said, not because he is famous or rich, but because of how his channel started. We recommend you hear the story from him (by watching the video above), because we were very inspired! But long story short, Alex learned a new language while teaching others what he knows, coding! In the long run, he’ll be rich because of this!

In his previous job, he was unable to climb higher because of his lack of language to explain things, and by using YouTube to teach and learn at the same time, this was no longer a problem. Alex was able to tell us his story and taught us about the mistakes he made to give us tips to start a YouTube channel. He explained the process of settling on a topic for a channel by teaching us how he got to his topic by narrowing all his skills and analyzing his YouTube statistics, and in the end he landed on something that was authentic, interesting to him, and something useful to viewers.

By hearing Alex’s story, we learned many more tips and busted many YouTube myths. We busted “quantity over quality,” because that only can work in the short term; the truth is less is more. We learned the importance of engaging with your audience, the benefits of YouTube partnerships, focusing on what you care about, and not getting wrapped up in the current trends. Best of all, during the breakout session we got to write a long term strategy for a channel we want to start with Alex’s guidance. 

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