5 Tips to Get More Likes On Your Instagram Post

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Hashtags can really boost the likes on a post when done right! If you choose to add hashtags to your post, you should first of all separate them from the caption of your post. You can do this through a hyphen, dots, or putting them as a separate comment. Separating your hashtags helps your post look less cluttered and salesy to your audience.

Next, you should use at least 10 different hashtags on a post (and up to 30). These hashtags should relate to your post. If you cannot think of hashtags that relate to the topic you are posting about, you can always search for ideas on Google or you can click on similar instagram accounts and see what kind of hashtags they use.

When searching for hashtags on Instagram, it will show a number of times the hashtag has been used. We recommend using a combination of tags that have less than 10k, 10k-100k, and over 100k, but using the 10k-100k tags more heavily. The reason for this is because if you use “#love” for example, you’re competing with billions of other posts, whereas if you use a more specific tag like “outdoorlover” with a little over 100k uses, you’re more likely to get noticed, and you’ll get noticed by the right people (if you are an outdoor lover obviously).

Have a face!

This tip is pretty simple, but if you can, your post should have a face as often as possible! Posts with actual people are more likely to get more likes because it makes the audience feel they are on a more personal level with you. It makes them see that you are real!


If you cannot put a face on your post, you can make up the personal connection with your audience through the caption. Make your caption relatable, descriptive and overall, be real! The language you use can greatly affect the tone you are setting, which can determine whether someone will like your post.

A good example of this is the post below, which doesn’t show a person at all, but just a plate of food. Ok, we know food does get pretty good engagement, but just stay with me here. The caption personalizes the meal and gives a helpful and easy-to-digest (get it?) explanation of each ingredient.

Post a Quality Picture!

Quality pictures really matter! Your daily content should not be blurry or grainy because it hurts the overall vibe of your feed and therefore hurts the way people see you or your company. Your pictures should be HD and have good lighting so people can see your effort and clearly see what you are trying to portray in the post.

Honestly, once in a while, a lesser quality picture is okay because it can show you are real and can show more of a behind-the-scenes of what you post. However, don’t make this a constant thing because people follow you for quality content.

Make Content Useful

Like stated, people follow you for quality content. If you can’t make your posts more personal, make sure you are posting something that is actually useful for those who follow you. Such as how-tos, advice, recipes, etc. What can you post that will provide value to your followers? Get creative when posting this useful content, make your own graphics, use your own photos and try not to use stock photos.

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