10 Things We Learned at the Get Stuff Done Conference

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On December 9, 2017, we invited guests to join us at our first Get Stuff Done Digital Marketing Strategy Conference in Downtown Los Angeles. We heard from guest speakers all about Brand Storyline, Podcasts, Instagram Stories, Chatbots, YouTube, and Webinars. Guests were given a workbook to help guide their learning throughout the day, and were able to have in-depth discussions with the speakers and fellow attendees. We’ll be publishing a lot more about the conference in the coming weeks, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of what we learned at the conference.

PC: Sabrina Miso

10 Things We Learned at the Get Stuff Done Conference

By #TeamKnit

1. We were given really useful tips on how to get a podcast started by Yolanda Enoch. Check out these awesome resources.

2. We heard all the different ways we can form our stories from Jasmine Foroutan such as user lifestyle, mission driven, and personality to name a few.

PC: Robin Borough

3. There are no shortcuts. Whether you’re building a YouTube channel or crafting the perfect Instagram campaign, you have to do the work.

4. Email and webinars are not dead, they’re actually a great tool for lead generation, from Robin Borough.

5. Instagram featured stories are the new BIG thing, according to Marissa Stahl from Something Social.

6. No matter the medium or platform, engagement is still key. It’s called “social” media for a reason.

7. Speaking of engagement, chat bots are an excellent way to create a unique communication experience for customers, leads, and fans. Benji and Emily from SoZango are really excited about it.

8. You have to make quality content and create something you care about in order to build a sustainable YouTube channel, says Alex Castellani.

9. Collaboration is always important. Talking to the speakers and fellow participants really helped develop plans and ideas.

10. It feels really good to get stuff done!

Stay tuned for more photos, videos, and updates from our conference and news about future events.

PC: Sabrina Miso

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