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Women’s History Month: Female Founders & Entrepreneurs

Women's History Month: Female Founders & Entrepreneurs

Women’s History Month: Female Founders & Entrepreneurs By Adewole Williams March was Women’s History Month, so we highlighted some strong and powerful businesswomen in our network who are doing amazing things! We’ve featured these women because of their business tenacity, know-how, and perseverance. They all have a social mission tied into the inner workings of their company. Whether it’s bringing business owners on opposite sides to the table to work toward Middle East peace, or gifting shoes to working women so that they can be comfortable while pursuing their own dreams, these women deserve recognition! Click on the links below to learn more about the Female Founders we’ve highlighted this month. Taryn Rose – Founder of Taryn Rose & Enrico […]

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Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Intro: Well, starting a business is definitely a difficult task that. And you’re probably going to lose a bit of your hair, but in the end you’ll have something that you can be proud of. Jorge and one of his friends are in the process of starting a T-Shirt design company, so he wanted to document everything he learned about starting a business. He also interviewed Anastasia Butler from Sustainable Law Group to get some pointers. Thanks Anastasia!   Starting your Business by Jorge Guevara   What is your purpose? What purpose does your business serve? Knowing what problem your business is solving is crucial to its success. You have to know whether or not people are willing to pay […]

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Now Introducing #MiniKnit – Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Now Introducing #MiniKnit - Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Now Introducing #MiniKnit – Digital Marketing Consulting Services At Knit, we talk to many small business owners and entrepreneurs who are in a grey area of deciding whether to outsource their digital marketing efforts or keep them in-house. This can be a tough decision to make based on time available, skill level, budget, and more than anything – the interest to do the work. For small teams with small budgets, we generally recommend keeping things in-house. This helps the startup define and develop their voice, test what works and doesn’t work, and have more of a direct relationship with their customers. For those teams, we’ve developed #MiniKnit – which is everything we do for our monthly clients, but in a […]

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